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Vietnam Buy Frozen Mackerel- 2019.3.5 -
Vietnam Buy Frozen Saury- 2019.3.5 -
Malta Buy Frozen White Shrimps- 2019.3.5 -
Malta Buy Frozen Squid- 2019.3.5 -
Cameroon Buy Frozen Black Tiger Shrimps- 2019.3.5 -
Cameroon Buy Frozen Octopus- 2019.3.5 -
Jordan Buy Frozen Lizard Fish- 2019.3.5 -
Greece Buy Frozen Snapper- 2019.3.5 -
Jordan Buy Frozen Red Mullet- 2019.3.5 -
Greece Buy Frozen Monkfish- 2019.3.5 -
Malta Buy Frozen Yellow Croaker- 2019.3.4 -
Malta Buy Frozen Spanish Mackerel- 2019.3.4 -
Cameroon Buy Frozen Sardines- 2019.3.4 -
Cameroon Buy Frozen Squid- 2019.3.4 -
Jordan Buy Frozen Milkfish- 2019.3.4 -
Jordan Buy Frozen Pomfret- 2019.3.4 -
Greece Buy Frozen Sea Bream- 2019.3.4 -
Greece Buy Frozen Sea Perch- 2019.3.4 -
United States Buy Frozen Pangasuis- 2019.3.4 -
United States Buy Frozen Mahi Mahi- 2019.3.4 -
Cameroon Buy Frozen Black Tiger Shrimps- 2019.3.1 -
Cameroon Buy Frozen Tilapia- 2019.3.1 -
Jordan Buy Frozen Croaker- 2019.3.1 -
Jordan Buy Frozen Monkfish- 2019.3.1 -
Greece Buy Frozen Catfish- 2019.3.1 -
Poland Buy Frozen Saithe- 2019.3.1 -
Featured Products
grey mullet roe
cooked pacific mackerel lion
cooked tuna lion(Auxis Thazard)
HG pacific mackerel
IQF 1kg/Poly bag pacific mackerel whole round
IQF gutted pacific mackerel whole round
Sell Offers
China Sell Citric Acid Esters of Mono-and Diglycerides (CITREM) 2018.9.19
China Sell Acetylated Mono- and Diglycerides (ACETEM) 2018.9.19
China Sell Distilled Monoglyceride(DMG) 2018.9.19
China Sell Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters 2018.9.19
China Sell Frozen Seaweed Salad 2018.7.11
United Sell Frozen Chicken Neck 2018.7.5
China Sell illex squid,squid,fish bait 2018.6.1
Indonesia Sell Frozen Emperor W/R 2018.4.26
Spain Sell jam 2018.4.23
Russia Sell cereals packed for retailers 2018.4.19
China Sell pacific mackerel HGT for canning 2018.3.21
China Frozen pacific mackerel WR 2018.3.19
China rozen Pacific Mackerel From Japan Sea 2018.3.19
China Sell Frozen pacific mackere 2018.3.19
Germany Buy watermelon 2018.2.19
Brazil Sell frozen chicken feet 2018.2.19
Ukraine Sell Chicken feet 2018.1.24
Ukraine Sell Chicken paws 2018.1.24
China S&A,air cooled water chiller 2018.1.19
China S&A laser air cooled chiller CW-5200 manufacturer/supplier 2018.1.19
China S&A industrial water chiller 2018.1.19
China S&A water-cooled chiller 2018.1.19
Indonesia Sell Banana Cavendish 2017.12.31
Indonesia Sel Frozen Food 2017.12.30
Ukraine Sell walnut kernels 2017.12.27
Indonesia Sell Cocoa Powder 2017.12.15
Featured Products
frozen Mahi Mahi steak/slice
Frozen spanish mackerel fillets
Frozen spanish mackerel steak
frozen grey mullet steak/slice
Frozen Pacific mackerel Fillets
frozen Mahi Mahi gutted
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